Welcome to the "solitude" WikiEdit

Hello Stranger!

This is the Wiki for the P200 Games Academy project "solitude" (working title)

We chose the Wiki as a format for our Design Document because it provides more accessible information for everyone

working on the project and because we are much more flexible this way.

Some basic facts about the game:

- "solitude" is a first person adventure in which you have to find a way to leave your appartment.

- You have to combine objects and Interact with your environment while the key to success is solving the mystery that

is haunting you and your surroundings.

- the game is set in the mid 80s in a NY appartment

- interaction with other characters is only by phone and by letter

the story will be told by newspaper articles, telephone conversation and photos

- Dreamsequences with minigames will lighten up gameplay and provide action

Latest activityEdit

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